We are about results.


We're a family owned company located in Omaha’s New North Makerhood.

How did we become the go-to decon and demo company in Omaha? We started with an approach based on the traits you would expect from a family company — honesty, kindness, and responsibility. We combined that with nearly two decades of history and an incomparable network of expert contractors and colleagues. Finally, we built a dedicated, hardworking team with the will to do things the right way.


The J.D. Way

It's how and why we do business.


We are here to serve you. We will adapt to you and your needs.

We are a company built on family values and kindness. We will exhibit those traits in every interaction.

We have a history of “getting it done.” If we say we’ll do it, we’ll do it.

Obstacles pop up. We will give every effort to stick to what we promise.

We will utilize our extensive network of partners to serve you even where we don’t specialize.

We aren’t afraid to do things differently. We are constantly evolving.


We will utilize every tool at our disposal to do the job cleaner, greener & faster.


Get your slate clean. Let's get to work.